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Hello and thank you for visiting my website! My name is Curtis Pattee and I do things.
I was born in Seattle, Washington and grew up in Billings, Montana with my parents and two brothers. As a young person, I was drawn towards making things with my hands; I was always fiddling with things. This was of course encouraged by my family, bringing about Lego’s, art supplies, and anything else that could help fuel my creative drive. As a slightly older young person, my passions continued to expand to embrace new ideas in technology, art, and design. I became very interested in the nature of the objects of our world. I see my inherent passion for learning as one of my most valued traits; it has brought joy and meaning to my life, and keeps me hungry for more.
I hold a Master’s degree in Architecture from Montana State University and have involved myself in many different realms in the world of art & design. I have a tremendous amount of passion for architecture & the built environment, which has expanded into a sincere passion for creating things and for pondering the human experience. My innate thirst for discovering has led me to embrace an enormous scope of disciplines and practices. I see myself as a dynamic and adaptable person who loves to try new things.
I often find it challenging to describe what it is that I do, and what I am working towards. My goals are less about a destination or an end result. They are more about an exploration of skills and knowledge; a wanderlust of the creative soul. I let my passions be the driving force in my life. Since I am perpetually expanding those passions, my path widens and new opportunities for intellectual growth emerge. My zest for life pushes me creatively, and leaves me completely open to embrace new places, challenges, and experiences.